Friday, October 2, 2009

Win a Pumpkin Cubcake!

Teddy Bear Artist Extraordinaire Kelly over at Yesterday's Glitter is having an October Blog Giveaway and just look at the adorable little cubcake she's offering to the lucky winner.

Who wouldn't want to give this cuddly munchkin a big, welcome home hug? I do. Good luck!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Celtic Tatting Tea Tuesday

Tatting Tea Tuesday started with me sitting down with a steaming cup of Celestial Seasonings Irish Cream Mist tea. The warm aroma suited the crisp-but-cool air. Sadly, this flavor of tea has been discontinued and my stash is nearly gone. Just like summer.

At the end of July I posted about getting a package in the mail. It included two Celtic tatting shuttles, plus a free spool of Olive Green DMC cotton in size 80. Getting free thread rocks!

What a whirlwind these last 60 days have been. My head has been spinning for weeks, and I seem to be in perpetual "catch up" mode. But I have been itching to try my first bit of Celtic tatting. So today I broke out the Olive Green size 80 to tat a Celtic top for a strawberry.

For the first sample I played around with two colors on the leaves. Do you like it? I used DMC size 80 tatting cotton in mint green for the leaves and Handy Hands size 80 Majestic in Christmas Green (color #829).

The basic berry is tatted in Coats & Clarks "boilfast" size 70 tatting cotton. I thought the bright red made the berry look perfectly ripe and ready for picking.

Birgit Phelp's original pattern page shows a strawberry with solid green leaves.

My second basic strawberry still needs to have a Celtic top added. This is how far along I am.

Sorry about the poor image quality. I had to make due with a quick snapshot using the "dinker dog" camera since The Sprout is late for his follow-up appointment with the pediatrician.

Being woefully indecisive, I can't make up my mind if solid green, mint-multi or olive-multi looks better. What do you like best? (You can leave a comment or click on the check-boxes at the bottom.)

Wishing you all blissful me time to create something beautiful.

See you next Tuesday for more communi-tea!