Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Egregious Green

See how close I came to completing this motif only to run short of green thread on the final repeat?

It laid flat until the final repeat and now cups ever so slightly.
Blocking may fix it. If not, the experiment will continue anew -- as 3D tatting.

It is definitely not in my nature to just "go with it," but this experiment seems to be progressing mostly according to plan. So nervously do I turn this project over to the muses.

Sorry to be unclear, y'all. I am not quitting this motif just because the green thread ran out. I had hoped to have the new green added in, the final chains completed and all ends hidden by today, but life got in the way of lacemaking.

So I'm showing you anyway. Sometimes you can't rush a good thing.

Anyway, if the muses choose 3D then I'm thinking perhaps a 3D Teapot?

* Thread Specs - Flora 20 Green #230, Lizbeth 20 #601 Snow White and Lizbeth 20 #613 Golden Yellow Medium.

* Diameter in size 20 thread = 4 inches (10.2 cm)