Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shawl Shenanigans recently mass e-mailed an advertisement with an intriguing hook (no pun intended): The Goddess Shawl makes you as beautiful as Aphrodite!

Ever the skeptic, I call shenanigans!

If nubile beauty and infinite desirability were as easy to achieve as tossing on a shawl, wouldn't we all have it? And never take it off?

I admit the crocheted shawl in the ad has a definite charm and appeal. Is it the shawl's gorgeous drape? The mysterious allure of the model?

After fantasizing about it, (Didn't you?) I concede the possibility of tossing on a shawl, if it were tatted, to attain epic beauty and allure. I mean, why not? It worked for Kathy Berndt.

Kathy really does look beautiful in her lace, doesn't she?

Libido-lifting Lace?
Advertising claims aside, the Goddess Shawl posits some food for thought.

Why pineapples?!? Did Aphrodite like pineapples? I like pineapple as much as the next person, but it never seemed like a nubile fruit to me.

Well, whaddya know? The aphrodisiac history of pineapple.

Now I Really Want One
Is it possible to tat a Goddess Shawl?

Tatting the pineapples should work, since tatted pineapple doilies exist. But methinks the rest would require some re-engineering.

What say you, Tat Land?