Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This Lousy Couplet

You know those T-shirts that used to be popular souvenir items? The ones that had "name went to place and all I got was..." written across the front?

Well, today's post is dedicated to those lousy T-shirts. Here's why.
Tatting Tea Tuesday dawned bright and breezy,
but Silly Hat Central woke dull and wheezy.

Done in by pink eye, bronchitus and phlem,
A stupor stole over each one of them.

Canine solidarity even kicked in. Imagine...
Sad-eyed hounds laying down looking grim.
So, instead of a nice, tatty post . . . ?

(Say it with me.)  All I got was this lousy couplet. 

But look on the bright side.

Next week I will announce another giveaway!

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