Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blogger Changes (FAIL)

It seems that Blogger has changed it's publishing tools since the last time I posted. Working through the "new, streamlined, Google +" tools saps my creative energy. Blech! UGH! Phooey!

Where have I been?
Since March 16th a few things have been happening. The Sprout applied to Kindergarten and got in to the school we rated as "1st choice," a private program.

The downside -- to pay for this private education I have reallocated all my "fun money" (what I use to buy tatting books and hand-dyed threads) to help pay his tuition. *big.pouty.lip*

I look at it this way. The Powers that Be softened the blow by granting me the wherewithal to win free threads in 2010 and 2011. Thank you again, Powers that Be for taking care of me!

Walt Disney World Resort
Last week The Sprout, Big Daddy and I went on vacation to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Two full days in Magic Kingdom® and one day at Universal Orlando! Islands of Adventure®. We drove instead of flying, breaking up the 12-13 hour trip with an overnight hotel stay in Santee, SC. It was a wonderful holiday. A few cell phone photos follow.

Hey Howdy Hey!

A Magical Hug from Princess Ariel

Jessica Rabbit - a Tatter?

Hmmm, I'm sensing a red-headed bias. My fault! Da Boyz like brunette, blond and ginger characters.

Vacation Tatting
Of course I took my shuttles along on vacation. Nestled among the gear in the third row section of the minivan was a cozy tatting spot.  I was able to tat in a moving vehicle for the first time, even adding beads!

A second Regal Snowflake (pattern design © 2011 La Cossette) tatted in Lizbeth® 20 Snow White #601 seemed to be a good choice for a Disney vacation.

For anyone curious, blue Swarovski crystals and blue seed beads add a hint of sparkle.

This is how far along I got before heading home. I failed to snap a photo of the finished snowflake.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter 
Admittedly, the stroll through the Harry Potter theme park was more for Big Daddy and I than for The Sprout. But The Sprout rode the Flight of the Hippogryph roller coaster seven times.

We all enjoyed our first tastes of butter beer and pumpkin juice, and touring Hogwarts.

We visited Zonko's Joke Shop; shopped for Chocolate Frogs™, Fizzy Wizzy and Sherbet Lemon candies at Honeydukes™; and got postcards stamped with a Hogsmeade™  postmark at the Owl Post™.  Big Fun!

Several movie props are on hand to charm even the most stalwart visitor.