Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Prepping for Tat Days

This past week I have seen two other bloggers post about prepping for Tat Days.  They just so happen to be teachers.

Don't be confused, I am not a Tat Days teacher. Even gleeful students (hee, hee, like me!) have some prepping to do: any pre-class homework assignments or technique reviews, emptying shuttles for our classes, winding the newly emptied shuttles (stringing beads), etc.

This year I have chosen to take three (3) classes in Beanile Lace, so I need a minimum of 3 sets of shuttles suitable for beadwork. Off to my shuttle storage containers ISO beading shuttles.

Lo! What did I find?  Last year's unfinished Winter Solstice earrings.  Got those finished up.

This photo was taken from my kitchen table to make use of morning light. In contrast with the pale wood the beads look dark, almost black.  Click on the image for a larger view and you can see they are a gorgeous, deep green.

Here they are photographed under an Ott Lite.  While the shiny, metallic threads, sparkly beads and silk cloth confused the camera's auto-focus, look at the lovely "true" green.

I just love how these turned out. Can't wait for more Beanile Lace projects!

Hope to see YOU next week at Tat Days!