Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pretty Promises

It was a gorgeous Spring morning worthy of a few (cell phone) photos.

CrazyMom got me all wistful with her wild dogwood, wisteria and other gorgeous flora. I commented about a close up of the dogwoods and she shared some awesome shots! Thanks CrazyMom!

In our neighborhood, creamy dogwoods are more common than the white or pink varieties. Ours are just starting to awaken from their dreamy sleeps.

Morning light captured in shy buds. Don't they look luminous as they yawn and stretch their petals?

Just one more...these flowers remind me of teacups.

Check out this weeping cherry.

Cascading pink petals were such a spectacle as to nearly take my breath away.

Spring is certainly in the air, though not yet as fully as in Hotlanta. Do visit CrazyMom's blog for real displays of delicate beauty.

Despair not northern cousins, Spring is on its way!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Decoupage Delirium

Count me among recent converts who have been madly blinging tatting shuttles. What started with a hesitant toe-dip has become an enthusiastic cannonball plunge.

Case in point.

Spring Bling - ITD Giveaway Prizes

Congratulations to Krystledawne who won the blue origami butterfly shuttle and to Jon Yusoff who won the Cherry Plum Blossoms shuttle. You both did a great job with the Online Tatting Class puzzles and games!

When You Care Enough to Enable
Remember when Lace-lovin' Librarian Diane shared adhesive papers with Tat Land? I got some. Then even more decoupage goodies arrived in a huge envelope from Bree's prize giveaway. Between the two of them I had enough embellishments to warrant storage.

Cue my sister Igoya who kicks in with scraps of left-over Japanese washi paper from her Etsy Shop.

This level of sharing could tackle world hunger!