Friday, December 4, 2009

How does tatting help you cope with life?

The other day I saw this in my Handwoven eNewsletter:

For Women Only: 
How Do Fibers Help You Cope with Life?
The University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, is conducting a research study to  explore the role of textile hand- crafts such as weaving, spinning, knitting, felting, and quilting in women’s lives. The research team says that, surprisingly, very few studies have ever examined the relationship between fiber crafts and mood. The survey is brief, and the study will run until the end of February, 2010. 

If you would like to participate, click here for more information and a link to the anonymous online questionnaire.

It is too bad that a separate tatting category isn't included in this research study, but there is a "lace making" category, as well as a place where you may enter in your own craft choice.

When I took the survey I typed in tatting.

Whether or not you choose to participate in the survey, how does tatting help you cope with life?


Fox said...

Interesting.... though I wonder at the application and importance of this type of study, how it fits into pop culture interpretation and psychological profiling of women.... but that is all another matter!

How on earth did you stumble on this?
Fox the Nosy : )

IsDihara said...

Fox, this snippet was included in the latest issue of Handwoven's eNewsletter. So, it landed in my inbox. I can forward the eNewsletter to you, if you like.

Nancy, tatting in front of mindless TV is a perfect example of a marriage-saving compromise, hee hee! And for years (when I traveled for business) I taught someone to tat while in the pre-boarding area of airports. I like to tat on airplanes. Don't fly much anymore.

Tatskool said...

'tatting in front of TV a marriage saving compromise' is making my mind boggle!! but it certainly soothes me when he is watching a footie match!
I fact it soothes the soul even during my fav programmes!

Gina said...

Once upon a time, after I got the hang of tatting, it was a great stress reliever. When I got up in the middle of the night, upset about something & unable to sleep, tatting got me back to sleep & I had something pretty to show for it. Now, it's more a source of inspiration, a quick-fix when I need to do something creative, & something I continue to appreciate on a daily basis. I've done lots of needlecrafts but this is the one that has been the most rewarding.

Fox said...

Okay! I'll bite! :)) Fox

Unknown said...

I love the idea behind this survey. Most of us know that tatting or whatever other craft we do tends to soothe us. It's nice that the scholars are catching on.

ancolie said...

Hell Isdihara,
it's avery interresting !
I can only tell you that while I was in the hospital for surgical care, tatting decreased my anxiety and my stress !
Happy tating and best wishes
ancolie from France

thank you for your visist and comments on my blog