Sunday, February 28, 2010

Farewell February & So Long Setbacks

Bye-bye blustery blizzards! Hello March with your lion-like moods. Roar in so April arrives like a lamb for International Tatting Day (April 1) and Easter (April 4).

Out, Out Bad Tats
The tatting has been a struggle these past few days. Rings won't close, badly tatted-over ends pull out and so on. This slump has had a carpet-bombing effect on my mood which bleeds over into everything else.

Take my latest craft store outting, for example. I thought I brought home a new spool of that wonderful Signature quilter's 100% cotton thread (Egyptian long staple cotton in size 20) in a color combo called Mallard.

Mallard (M45) has lovely teal, purple, tan and ivory shades. I tatted a ring and the thread stretched and broke almost immediately upon closing. It turned out to be decorative spun polyester in size 30. Not at all what I thought I bought. To make matters worse, "size 30" is the equivalent to tatting cotton size 80.

Potty training tantrums from the Sprout are also causing frayed nerves (not to mention extra laundry) at Silly Hat Central. Sprout's negotiating skills have leaped forward and we must be smarter parents to stay a step ahead. Part of me is really proud and part is terrified.

On a brighter note, the fortune in my after-meal cookie said this: A truly creative person rids him or herself of all self-imposed limitations.

Sayonara, slump! I'm tossing you out with the February trash. Need to make room for true creativity.

This coming week I will be watching closely for Postie to bring any of these tantalizing goodies:
  • 2 Pop-a-Bobbin shuttles from Jane Eborall -- one in Sycamore and one in Walnut.
  • 1 Tatting booklet - Elgiva Nicholls, Tatter: Life and Career 1900 —1982
  • 2 Butterfly Pattern books from LadyShuttleMaker, plus two skeins of HDT in size 50 Treebeard
  • Possibly, just maybe, a little envelope from Tatskool
This tatting treasure trove certainly adds a rosier glow.


Fox said...

I have to admit, compassion is difficult as I have two cracked thumbs from thread rubbing! And they bleed on my tatting. And they hurt! However, that stated, I hope your fortune has come true and all the travails of ]last week are banished from your days!

I like the sound of those goodies! I am eager to try those lovely shuttles.
Fox : ))

Wall Flower Studio said...

I couldn't agree more...Hoping March roars at the beginning and not the end!
Hope you're doing well!

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear you are having such trouble tatting. Here's hoping that tatting is KNOT so bad for you in March! ;)
~TattingChic ♥

Gina said...

I've had more than my share of retro-tatting myself this weekend. Winter blahs hit pretty hard this evening but a trip to Barnes & Noble to browse lifted my spirits. And yes...only 20 days til Spring - that is officially less than 3 weeks!

Tatskool said...

I wish you happy tatting for the beginning of March.
My fingers are multicoloured for your pleasure.
Your 'troubles' with the Sprout won't last long (mine lasted 34 far!) but they will be great fun.

Marie said...

thank you for stopping by my blog. I am actually juust starting to learn about tatting. its something that I would love to do plus make lace. I love to crochet so I want to learn other things that are like crocheting. :) thank you for stopping by and I am following you now.