Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Necrotizing Filitis?

No, no, no! I was not diagnosed with a scary-sounding disease.

Instead of enjoying Tatting Tea Tuesday, I went to see my doctor yesterday. He prescribed antibiotics to treat a nasty infection. Take that, bad bacteria!

By evening time I was starting to feel much better. So I thought I would read tatting blogs. Late-night blog surfing blended one link into another, and well...

My brain took off on a wild, roller coaster ride of rapid-fire synapses.

It started with Krystledawne's clever post about a proposed new word for the tatting lexicon -- gotatsic.

As I clicked happily away from blog to blog, my brain was percolating, making mad leaps of logic...

The catalyst was an innocent reference in Lace-lovin' Librarian Diane's blog post. There she was, innocently sharing her lovely Primrose Path doily and the even lovelier surprise her husband made for her.

Diane wrote of never going down into her basement. And my crazy brain set upon wondering what weird things could be lurking down there.

Leap-frogging over shadows and past strange eyes peering out from dark corners, it landed on the idea of a menacing bacteria.

That is how the idea of filaria was born.(filum being the latin word for thread and fila being its plural form) And that led to necrotizing filitis. Or thread-eating bacteria.

Of course, I do not speak latin nor have I studied one whit of medicine, so this could be complete nonsense. But the term necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating bacteria) is a misnomer so there is room for creative license in naming destructive micro-organisms. What do you all think?

Is there room for a thread-eating microbe in Tat Land?

Do you think Martha Ess might be persuaded to design a tatted microbe to represent it? She is the mastermind behind the tatted brain and the tatted representation of brain cell #3.

And if you think this idea is too weird, just take a look at these Giant Microbes.

I'm just getting warmed up. 

Here's an idea for an "outbreak" game -- tat a microbe and give it to another tatter during a tatting days convention.

Once you have "caught" it, report to a quarantine area. [Really a mini-workshop - pick up a pattern and/or come back at the designated time for a lesson.)

Of course, you could be a "carrier" and give it to someone else...

The game could be called Tathogen.

It could be positively pandemic.


Tatskool said...

What fertile imagination you have!
Loved the giant microbes, just up my street....but thread eating bacteria

How could you dream up such a horror story, now no tatter will ever go down into her basement again!

My word verification is what can you do with that!

IsDihara said...

Mwa-ha-ha-ha! What a weird web I weave, eh Tatskool?

Microbes were horrific until some genius created cuddly, super-sized toys. (I love Giant Microbes!)

Wouldn't' it be deliciously twisted to design a microbe motif? Or a macabre microbe doily?

I'm on a roll!

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

I love the idea. Those microbes are way too cute. I want one lol
I love reading your posts they are always fun

my word verification is hantic lol

Krystle said...

Mehtinks perhaps you spend too much time in the land of little people lol....

Wow. You are on your own level chica!

Tatfully Yours said...

If we keep coming up with new words for our tatting world, we may have to write a directory for ourselves!!! LOL

Tatskool said...

Love the addendum. Love the way the word verification comes up with fab new words.
Stick to your guns and maintain Silly Hat Central's aims!
Hurrah for daftness!

IsDihara said...

Krystle, by little people, do you mean Leprechauns, Lilliputians or perhaps Oompa Loompas? LOL!

It is all in silly fun, published firmly with tongue in cheek!

Ridgewoman said...

You are truly ill my friend. What was in those antibiotics? LOL I thought I was alone in these fantasy word trips…glad to know that others do inhabit that universe.
bj and the Leprechaun crowd here on the ridge

erin said...


It's the fever! Quick! Dunk her in an ice bath!

I hope you're feeling better soon (but I don't want you to lose that rapier wit). ;-)