Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Motif #10 & Bring on the Summer Fun

Adding this darling, little square to my 25 Motif Challenge will bring my total up to 10. I had wanted my 9-sided motif to be the next addition, but que sera sera.

Tatted Motif #2 from
Free-Tatting Patterns.com

Tatted in two colors, size 20 Lizbeth #104 (Summer Fun) and #642 (Lilac Medium), this motif measures an even 2 by 2 inches (5.1 by 5.1 centimeters).

This cute quatrefoil motif is a continuation of my ongoing exploration of color. It is a bit of a departure, since I normally don't use variegated threads in pastel or ice cream colors.

That said, it turned out pretty well. Three of these joined in a row would make a lovely bookmark. Also, this motif is begging for bling.

The variegated colors worked up pretty evenly, and the entire center could be tatted in the solid color by using the shoelace trick before tatting chains 8 and 10.

This motif could be tatted using a medium turquoise, a medium pink or even white. Lots of color possibilities, and I haven't even tried switching the threads. Solid color chains and variegated rings . . . might have to try that. Just to see.  ツ

Tatting Tea Tuesday
As for today's tea, I am enjoying a tall, cool glass of iced green apple tea. Made with a combo of decaf green and Morrocan Pomegranate Red teabags and brewed in the sun, following the Green Apple Tea recipe.

More tatting is in store later today when I meet up with the local stitchin' group.

In addition to working on Treble Clefs this past week, I started the Mary Konior pattern for a 3D Rose.

The Chesapeake Lacers Guild is making 300 rose boutonnières to give to members at the I.O.L.I convention in 2011. The roses will be created using tatting AND bobbin lace. Both methods are stunning.

I should be working on my county fair doily, but until I am sure the tatting fugue has passed, I won't be touching that project. And I could be working on the 9-sided motif. And I am itching to load up another one of Tatskool's Transitions HDT thread samples to add to the Heart bookmark. AND visions of butterflies for the Houston Holocaust Museum are flittering naggingly over my head. Goodness! So many UFOs.

It is a good thing that the Tuesday night stitching group lets me sit in. More tatting time! (Hope I didn't just jinx myself.)

Wishing you all more me-time to create something beautiful.

See you next Tuesday for more communi-tea!


tattrldy said...

I love your play on words with the title. And the motif looks great! I really like your exploration into color. I can see how it looks when you do it and find out if I want to try it myself. Or at least the color! Your tea sounds good, I'm going to check out the recipe now.

N. Maria said...

Tattrldy is right! You DO have a way with words playing nicely together! When I look at your tatting, I want to get THAT thread and TAT that piece...right now!
You inspire me and I, too, want to try that tea. I love tea.
Thank you for blogging.

Typstatting said...

Yes I do agree with Tattrldy! and I just love the motif. I think the variegated threads are really gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

Fox said...

Lovely little motif! Very nice!

It could use a couple of beads....

Funny, but I am using that very thread right now. I find the white a bit annoying. I think the lengths of colour are not harmonious or something. Cna't put my finger on it, but something about the breaks makes me uncomfortable! Colour is a very effective tool, isn't it, when considering an emotional response?
Fox : )

God's Kid said...

I just love your color choices for your motif! Bright and beautiful! :) Have a great day!

Gina said...

Lovely motif and one that lends itself well to color play. Somewhere online is a similar pattern that is done in such a way that it looks like gingham.

I posted yesterday but forgot it wss TTT although I was drinking ginger flavored iced tea as I posted. I also came up with something unusual to post about today when I have time so I was there in spirit....

Tatskool said...

Great colour choice for the motif, it would look good also if only the rings were lilac. So many more variations for you to tat..that's the fun of colour.
I find the colour breaks too sudden and don't like white in a varig...but that said used in small does it does look very good.

Tattin' Kat said...

Might have to try this pattern. The colors look nice and summery.

Fox said...

Just re-read and discovered for the first time: tatting fugue! What a great term for that...tatting fugue! What else could it possibly be called! LOL!
Fox : )