Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Sneak Peeks!

Feast your eyes on the new Lizbeth colors coming in December.

Celtic Dream Weaver posted these a few days ago. She says they won't be available until after Christmas. So consider this a sneak peek for early 2011.

679 - Lime Green

155 - Ocean Sunset

This colorway has Lizbeth colors 623 Raspberry Pink Light, 644 Boysenberry Dark, 643 Grape Medium, 696 Autumn Orange Medium, 664 Ocean Teal Medium and 665 Ocean Teal Dark.

Just Say Ah...
Ocean Sunset transports me to the deck of an ocean liner at sunset. Join me  in a moment of cruise dreaming. (Virtual cocktail in hand, of course.)

As the last golden rays dip below the horizon, they take on a tinge of orange, melding into a perfect Caribbean twilight.  (Sip.)

Now where is that deck chair?

The next colorway came into being because a customer (not me) suggested it...

156 - Juicy Watermelon

Juicy Watermelon is made up of the following colors: Melon Light, Geranium Light, Geranium Dark, 628 Salmon Medium and 679 Lime Green

Nothing says summer like a refreshing slice of juicy watermelon. Add a few tiny black beads for seeds!

150 - Rootbeer Float

Rootbeer Float has 692 Mocha Brown Dark, 691 Mocha Brown Medium, Brown Medium-to-Brown Light and Beige Brown Light.

How Now Brown Cow?
This colorway is the thread equivalent of another quintessential summer treat. Bring on the Vanilla ice cream! Could someone please pass a bendy straw?

These next two solids really do remind me of crystal clear Caribbean waters...(because, let's face it, wouldn't we all rather be on a cruise? One that hasn't lost power because of an engine room fire, I mean.)

664 - Ocean Teal Med

665 - Ocean Teal Dk

672 - Burgundy

Can't take my eyes off this Burgundy. I see it blending well with vineyard or medieval tapestry-inspired tones. But I know you clever lacers will surprise me with your own ideas!

673 - Terra Cotta

Ah...earthy. Yet vibrant. This Terra Cotta is a great new shade. It will go so well with the wide range of yellows, oranges, browns and greens in the Lizbeth line. Used conservatively, it would also pair well with purple (and vice verse).

And last but not least, the colorway that I suggested:

149 - Peacock Blues

Electric Blue Dk, Electric Blue Med, 658 Ocean Turquoise Light and Deep Royal Blue. For those times when you just want to strut your stuff!


Sally Kerson said...

Well I'm overwhelmed with them all, fabulous colours. I can see that Rootbeer Float being so useful for animals and the Juicy Watermelon, can't you just taste the Summer?! Lime Green another wow colour! Thanks for the peek.

Jane Eborall said...

Droool, droooooooool

Anonymous said...

I especially love the juicy watermelon... no wait, the rootbeer float... no wait...

ah forget it... I LOVE them all!!!!

Now if only they would come up with a "PUMPKIN PIE" colorway... HINT HINT *wink, wink*

I've been wanting some pumpkin pie for a long time, and now that it's thanksgiving - I might just get me some when the family gathers in for the holiday!

Umintsuru said...

The new Lizbeth colours, all look good. Thank you for the sneak peek, Isdihara. I love the root beer float!!

sewmuchfun4 said...

APPARENTLY I am a teal fan - I would say that is on my buy first list (along with a couple others of course).

A while back you posted about SOME JoAnns continuing to carry Lizbeth and others not, that they would take Lizbeth out of all the stores and then it would come back to a few. Do you know if that has already happened? I haven't been able to get a decent JoAnns visit in lately and have only been able to do a quick cruise of where the Lizbeth display WAS - and it's not there. I'm hoping it is somewhere else in the store or that maybe Lizbeth hasn't returned yet and I still can hold out hope. I LOVED being able to go over there and pick out colors when I wanted a change! It's only FIVE MINUTES AWAY!

:) Ann