Friday, November 12, 2010

Motif #16 - Magic Moment Snowflake

Jon Yusoff's Magic Moment Snowflake

Heather the Tarnished Tatter asked me this past week what tatting was I working on? So let me show you my completed Magic Moment snowflake.

This snowflake will be #16 in my 25 Motif Challenge. It is tatted with size 40 Lizbeth #154 Wildflower Garden and used roughly 14 yards.

I just love how the natural floral colors play out and can't wait to pair it with matching or coordinating solids.

This colorway really does remind me of a wildflower garden. The only things missing are wee fairies flitting among the colorful petals.

Magic Moment Snowflake
wrapped around a satin egg.

Hee, hee, doesn't this look like a baby eggplant?
Here is a cute knit baby eggplant too.

Can't wait to get my hands on some of this Wildflower Garden in size 20 when it arrives in late December. It will be great for Easter projects.


Crazy Mom! said...

Glad you finished! I love the colors. It's a lovely snowflake...

And I think that IS an eggplant.

IsDihara said...

Thanks, CrazyMom! It was a great therapy tat. And I will be making more of these. Love the symmetry and flow of this design.

Anonymous said...


But I must say 'WOW!' wrapping the snowflake around the egg really puts the true motif size in to perspective!

It looks so much bigger when photographed alone.

tattrldy said...

The snowflake is lovely. It does look good on that egg - or was that an eggplant? But let's not talk of Easter yet, I have a lot of Christmas tatting to get done before then! (Including decorating a chocolate box...I'm working on it. We'll see if my idea pans out!)

ancolie said...

your completed Magic Moment snowflake is so nice, ti's magic !
I wish you a nice sunday
ancolie (France)

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Oh I absolutely LOVE those colors!!! Perfect! Nice tatting too! Thinking I need to go do some tatting :)