Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Step Forward, Snow Step Back

This past week Spring began bursting out all over.

First blooms of Spring

Mid-week the trees were bud-heavy, but before you could say "Bob's your uncle" they looked like this.

March on springtime!

Wouldn't you know? Sunday morning dawned with a dusting of snow covering those delicate pink petals. Thankfully, by noon it had all melted away.

Spring Bling Pink Prep
White stuff got me off my duff to bring some Spring indoors. Putting pink blossoms on my shuttles is my bling-erific goal.

So far I have painted one pink Clover white and am ready to apply the first coat of Mod Podge and flowery napkin.

AUGH! Had to stop to deal with family matters. In this instance it was the breakdown of the car. The mechanic says that it needs a new fuel pump (costing $1,000) and Big Daddy doesn't want to put that much money into it. He prefers to spend that money for a down payment on a replacement vehicle. So we're off to Carmax to shop for mini-vans.

Like Spring, my progress seems to be of the "one step forward, two steps back" variety. Shuttle will have to wait. For now.


Anonymous said...

Lol I'm sure they will be lovely when they're finally done. :-P Those napkins are beautiful; why can't I ever seem to find ones that look that nice??? ;-)

Fox said...

Oh my - the bloomin' trees! Really! What a sight! Fantastic. We still have ice and snow and temperatures hovering at zero. Canada the Cold.

I sympathize with the auto woes... my clutch is shot! After 14 years, the old VW is giving up the ghost!
Fox : )

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Ooh! How pretty! Your shuttles are going to match your beautiful trees! I can hardly wait to see the finished shuttle!

A.G. said...

Those trees are so pretty! Wish we had some of those 'round here. I love how your incorporating them into the shuttle design. ^_^

Gina said...

It's been a long time since I had to have a fuel pump replaced but I sure don't remember them costing that much!

The shuttles will be gorgeous!

Love your show of flowering trees. We still just have sticks in the ground and gray skies but the sun shined more often than not this weekend! AND we did NOT have the predicted snow.

Umintsuru said...

What a wonderful sight. Trees covered with pretty blooms all in a row. And white snow on pink petals. I bet your shuttles will be pretty too. Happy Spring, Isdihara.

Sherry said...

Isdihara, I've been surfing around and have not found instructions on how to use the mod podge for shuttle blinging and am wondering if you could do a post with INSTRUCTIONS?!? I also see you've mentioned painting.. if so when do you do this, what paint do you use, multiple layers?, etc. How about stickers? Do you just podge over these to keep them from coming off? Thanks for any assistance you can give!

IsDihara said...
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IsDihara said...

@Sherrya, these are the napkin decoupage instructions I used to create my shuttles. Very nice tutorial!

Sherry said...

Thank you so much! That is VERRRY helpful!! One other question, though: there are so many cute stickers available here, have you tried any? Would you use the same process to cover them and keep them from wearing or coming off?

IsDihara said...

@Sherrya, would I try stickers? Absolutely. Let your creative spirit run wild!

I plan to try layering metallic threads over washi paper. Maybe even sequins and tiny beads!

Experimenting is all part of the fun once you get comfortable with the basics. That's my story and I'm stickin' (podgin'?) to it. :-)