Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tatting Tea Tuesday - Bad Back

With two unfinished snowflakes and a list of "wanna tats" two (or more) arm-lengths long, shouldn't I be completing projects already in progress rather than starting something new? Apparently not, according to my inner tatter, who has been throwing "startitus" tantrums for days.

When the two hounds' leash-yanking antics threw out my lower back, I relented. Big Daddy was home yesterday due to the holiday weekend in the US, so I tatted from bed off and on throughout the day. We all know tatting is the best medicine!

Mary Konior's Anniversary Motif from page 80 of Tatting with Visual Patterns was the first piece of "bad back tatting." It is a pretty bit of posy repetition that can be tatted with shuttle and ball. Mine is made in Lizbeth®20 Country Kitchen.

Next came Very Small Butterfly ©Jane Eborall - a flutter to use up the last 1 1/2 yards left languishing on a shuttle. What a sweet, wee bug tatted in Lizbeth®20 Summer Breeze. I altered the pattern at the very end a tiny bit, substituting a Josephine Ring for the head instead of the Jane's split ring. It made the head smaller, which I thought worked out quite well.

Note: LadyShuttleMaker also has at least two patterns in her butterfly books that are great for using up that last yard of thread.

An uncommitted shuttle cries out to be wound, so out came Fuschia Frivolité (size 20) from Shuttle Lab Trends - dept 11. Purchased during Palmetto Tat Days 2011, I have been holding it in reserve for a special project. It pairs well with Lizbeth®20 Boysenberry Dark don't you think?

Maus' Old Fashioned Heart ©2000 is a very special project and will keep me tatting happily through Tatting Tea Tuesday. As of Monday it was only in the beginning stages, but will soon be embellished with beads.

Wishing you all blissful me time to create something beautiful. See you next Tuesday for more communi-tea!


Crazy Mom! said...

Bravo for tatting IN SPITE of the back. The colors are luscious!

God's Kid said...

Great motifs! And the start of a beautiful heart there! :)

Ladytats said...

best wishes on a speedy recover for your back, with lots of tatting time. pretty motif and butterfly and the heart will be very rich looking in those colors

tattrldy said...

Hope that back gets to feeling better soon. But at least it was a good reason to relax and get a little tatting done:) The Anniversary Motif looks like it should be framing something - does the butterfly fit?
The heart is going to look very elegant in those dark colors.

rainbows and raindrops said...

get well soon!

I love the tats by the way. Thanks for the heads up on 'shuttle emptying patterns'. I will need to look them up!

Vanessa said...

I love the colours that you choose for tatting :)

Hope you feel better soon

Nancy G said...

What better way to get the rest your back needs...Tat On!! Lovely colors and beautiful work, as always! Heal quickly.

Margarets designer cards said...

Well done on your tatting while you have a bad back, I hope your back gets better soon, don't rush it backs can have fun making you think they are better when they are not. Take it easy.