Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is Tatting Making a Comeback?

Do you believe everything you read in print?

Maybe or maybe not, but the printed word does seem to be more credible or valid at first glance. And the media (and occasional newsletter or blog) seems to be putting a comeback spin on their typical tatting coverage.

Just today I saw a nice photo from an Australian newspaper about a para cyclist gentleman tatter.  (Thank you, Cas in Australia, for sharing the story on the Here_Be_Tatters Yahoo Group list!)

Well, when it comes to tatting, WE are the experts. I am here to say that I BELIEVE. 

Georgia Seitz wrote in one of her 2011 BellaOnline Newsletter articles:
"I think this is a marvelous time to be a tatter. We have online so many vintage tatting publications to download for free that they alone should keep us tatting for decades.  And since the 1980's we have had a plethora of modern tatting designers publishing contemporary patterns."

This newspaper article from the Gadsden Times, January, 1981, discusses the resurgence of tatting:  Tatting Makes Comeback as Favorite Needle Art

This blog post from thread manufacturer DMC tackled the topic two days ago (Monday, August 20, 2012):

The DMC-Threads Blog:  Tatting is Making a Comeback!

Off the Grid News:  Tatting: An Old World Art

The August 6, 2012 issue of MACLEAN’S (Canada’s National Magazine) has a good article on Tatting in their Fashion section (page 83).

Tatting tales: not just for grannies any more

In January 2012, Downtown Life Magazine (Merced, CA) gave tatting a nice nod:

Craft in Cloth


tattrldy said...

Thank you for sharing all these links! This is great! All of it good publicity for tatting.

Margarets designer cards said...

I don't think it ever disappeared it just had a rest before the next generations took it up again.
I get a few that knew what tatting is, or some who think it was crochet but on the whole tatting seems to be having a come back in the UK, at least doing a craft fair where tatting is on my table it is one way of showing the craft. I find that the shops need to be taught to sell shuttles and thread we want, at the moment I can only get shuttles and thread on line, until poeple see shuttles and book in the shops it will take a while before the average person takes it up.

Cindy said...

Interesting articles. Wouldn't it be fun to see as many tatting shops and groups as there are knitters, crocheters and quilters??