Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Motifs 1 & 2: Confirmation Bookmark

Confirmation Bookmark 2013
Q:  What do you get when when you cross a Dove and a Phone Box?
A:  a Confirmation bookmark  
(Click and drag mouse over answer to reveal.)

Miss me?   (Not after that joke, I'll wager.)

I wanted to offer up a fractured song lyric today but my brain is a-buzz with Sapling jokes (the variety found to be funny by first graders).  Let's try this one that Sapling told in this morning's carpool:

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Doctor who?
You know my name!

25 Motif Challenge - A 3rd Go
I resolve to begin a 3rd 25 Motif Challenge in 2014. The goal of this challenge will be to keep me tatting regularly. Oh, and finish in one calendar year if I can.

Dove © Jane Eborall 2011
Tatted by IsDihara 2013

Motifs 1 & 2 - Bookmark for a Boy's Confirmation
Jane Eborall's Dove will launch my first tat --  a Confirmation bookmark. Didn't it turn out nicely?

Threads used are Lizbeth® 20 Christmas Red for the bookmark and Lizbeth® 20 601 Snow White for the dove. Patterns used for the two elements are Dove © Jane Eborall 2011 and T.A.R.D.I.S. bookmark © Anne Bruvold 2009.

T.A.R.D.I.S. bookmark © Anne Bruvold 2009
Tatted by IsDihara 2013 - 2014

Doctor Who fans will giggle knowing that I chose a T.A.R.D.I.S. pattern for the body of the bookmark. (Doesn't the top half resemble a red T.A.R.D.I.S.?) The white dove is designed by Jane Eborall in the UK. Doves and the color red are symbolic of Confirmation so I am told.

The connecting cord is braided, encapsulating the thread ends into "cobra" braid used in paracord survival bracelets. Cobra braid is basically a series of shoe-lace tricks tied around a core.

OK, one last joke...  (Are you groaning?)

Q:  What do you call a camel with no humps?
A:  Humphrey
(Click and drag mouse over answer to reveal.)

Have a marvelous Tatting Tea Tuesday everyone. Wishing you all blissful me time to create something beautiful. See you next Tuesday for joke-free communi-tea!


Batty Tatter said...

I can't get the answers to reveal.

Batty Tatter said...

Oh and I do like your bookmark. I'll put that on my to do list.

IsDihara said...

Here are the punch lines to the jokes, if you had trouble revealing:

Q: What do you get when when you cross a Dove and a Phone Box?
A: a Confirmation bookmark

Q: What do you call a camel with no humps?
A: Humphrey

Fox said...

Humphrey! Now THAT’s good! Nice to see you and great bookmark! Love it!
Fox : )

God's Kid said...

Really nice bookmark!! :)

tattrldy said...

Nice bookmark! Both the dove and the TARDIS look great. Good idea to join the Challenge again. I know I sometimes need a goal to motivate myself. Good luck and have fun!

Michelle said...

Oh please don't be joke free! I loved them nd if silly jokes don't make you giggle or groan, what will? Love the extended TARDIS!

Margarets designer cards said...

Great bookmark, I love the dove with the phone box tardis,

Madtatter80 said...

looks like the book mark is split ring fun to do and beautiful dove!

StringyDogs said...

Humphrey! LOL
Nice TARDIS and lovely dove.