Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sweet Enough to Eat —
Raspberry Ripple with Real Vanilla HDT

Ooh, this motif looks so scrumptious in Tatskool's HDT. The creamy vanilla...the warm raspberry looks sweet enough to eat.

Tatting with this thread is an irresistible treat. Rings hold their shape and chains don't go all floppy like three-plies sometimes can. This is a six-cord thread and yessirree, is it ever smmooooooth.

But it is a bit hard to see on a light-colored background, so here it on some purple silk.

Isn't it just lovely stuff? Tatting with it gives me the sweetest taboo. (Apologies to Sade Adu for using her song title.)

Now on to more murky technique analysis. If you're not in the mood, you may want to stop reading now.

From the start I suspected this round might not lie flat. Sure enough, the final repeat is 316 -inch too narrow to complete the pattern. So close! Would blocking fix it? Dunno, really.

A few days ago I received the instructor's critique on this motif. It was a thorough and thoughtful review, and I'm grateful for her suggestions. It's just that my design wasn't constructed very well. It was pretty and a nice design effort, but unstable.

Here is what I have learned: chains are a good means of traveling up and out, but they need built-in structure to avoid "wet spaghetti syndrome." Rings are great stabilizers, but can devour precious negative space.

Another thing I learned is that retrofitting stability into a motif is like forcing a square peg into a round hole.

Looks like I have a long way to go to whip this doily-size wet noodle into shape. It makes my heart ache because I pored my creative soul into the lesson. But the class isn't even half done, so there are many, many more things to learn and lots of room to grow.

Witness the genesis of a design. Who knows? Maybe even a designer.

That wince? It's nothing. Just shrugging off a growing pain and getting down to business.


Tatskool said...

It's a great, great design and will be fine in the end....especially in my thread! that makes ALL the difference!!!! hope that nobody thinks mine is 3 cord thread tho', 'cos it's very definately a 6 cord I know you didn't mean to infer that.

Gina said...

You know what? I think you could shorten those chains in each point - maybe only have 2 picots worth - and they'll hold their shape better. I love the overall design...just shorten the chains a bit.

Fox said...

I think Gina has got it! It is a lovely design and the wobbliness could be arrested with the shorter chain.

Yummy, yummy thread. Must have....

: )) Fox

IsDihara said...

Tatskool, you're absolutely right about not confusing your threads with 3-ply cottons. No, no, no! Raspberry Ripple with Real Vanilla is most definitely a 6-cord thread. I have amended my post to help avoid confusion.

And thank you Tatskool, Gina and Fox for your terrific suggestions! I really appreciate them and will try shortening the chains on my next go.

Fox, RRwRV really is an indescribably delicious, dreamy thread to work with. Puts one in mind of freshly-churned ice cream.

Tatskool said...

Thanks, you're a star in every way.

Unknown said...

Your Motif is lovely...the design AND the color chosen. Tatskool makes some pretty colors! :)

~TattingChic ♥