Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tatting Tea Tuesday With Wanda

GIVEAWAY ALERT! Lady ShuttleMaker's first random Mondo Monday Giveaway post is up. Don't miss it, it is a good one. And good luck!
This Tatting Tea Tuesday post was written in advance so I could meet with Wanda of Wanda's Knotty Thoughts and her family at a local mall to give her her giveaway prize. Color me excited!

This is the first time I will have ever met with a tatting blogger and I'm really looking forward to it. Those of you who have attended Finger Lakes, Palmetto, Hector or other tat days may liken it to your first time putting faces and voices to Internet names. Except that I only have one face and voice to match up. Wish me luck!

Here is a sneak peek of the Halloween blog giveaway prize I made for Wanda.

It is a quilted ball ornament made using fat quarters in candy corn colors. The tatting follows a pumpkin theme. Here is a close-up of the pumpkin vine edging.

I really like how the ornament showcases the tatting. And now that I know how it is done the next one won't take me as long. LOL! Gosh, I hope Wanda likes it too. (Crossing my fingers that she will...)

Please pardon my unpressed table cloth. I threw it on the table thinking,'it won't matter if I don't iron it, The Sprout is going to spill something on it in half a nanosecond anyway.' So, of course, it has remained stain-free for two days. LOL!

Now that I have confessed I feel better.

A Steeler Minute
How 'bout that Steeler game last night on ESPN? I'm not a huge sports fan, but I love me some riveting Steeler football. And last night my boys in black and gold got their game on! Poor Broncos. They played valiantly, but ultimately couldn't part the Steel Curtain.

Last but not least, I invite you to visit my twin sister's new Etsy shop, New Hands Soaps and Lotions. Her vendor name is IbtihaajGoya. She sells luxurious hand-made spa products made in small batches with scrumptious scents such as Honeysuckle Lemon and Lavender Litsea. Plus she makes the spa cloths herself! If you're a Steeler fan, check out her charming black and gold gift pack called Soap of Champions. Go Steelers!


Katie said...

The ornament is lovely!! I'm certain she'll love it!

Gina said...

When I started tatting, I wasn't aware of any tatters locally. There are a few, but I didn't know them. The first tatter I met in person was Carol Amich, batatter! We had fun trading and talking and talking and talking. It was SO great to meet another tatter! Your meeting will be wonderful and she'll love your ornament!

IsDihara said...

Thanks for your kind compliment, Katie!

And Gina, thank you too! Can't wait to meet Wanda. I'm practically vibrating with excitement!

And someday I will make it to one of the big tatting days and meet many, many more tatting friends!

Y'all will know me instantly, because I will be the one running up to everyone exclaiming, "Hi! I'm IsDihara! It's Soooooooo Nice to finally meet you." LOL!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

OOHHH WEEE I love your quilted/tatted pumpkin ornament. Very nicely done!! I'm sure Wanda loves it! Lucky Lady to win such a wonderful prize!!

YEA - GO STEELERS!! It was a great game. I fell asleep for a couple minutes towards the end and missed Hines Ward's last touchdown. I had to watch it on the news today. It was so cool how he jumped over the other player trying to tackle him.

I'll go take a look at your sister shop.

I tatted a few little edgings and motifs to put on a 3x5 to enter your giveaway, I just need to blog about it.


Unknown said...

That is a really cool autumn ornament! Lucky Wanda!

battatter said...

oooh, HOW MUCH DO I LOVELOVELOVE the quilted and tatted ornament!!!!!!!!!
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> much!