Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It Came! A Shamrock Setback & More

Fabric Postcard from Bonnie's Tatting Blog

Today Bonnie's blog giveaway prize came in the mail, making it a very good day. It is a fabric postcard that sets the mood for Spring. I am ready for a few flowers in the garden and a few buzzing bees. Are you?

Thank you, Bonnie! Your uplifting card sits next to Carol Lawecki's tatted teapot note card on my computer desk, where it brightens my day and long into the wee hours.

There is so much to write about today!

The Sprout slept in glamorously late (8:30 AM) so Tatting Tea Tuesday started early with decaf Irish Breakfast tea. I started tatting what I thought would be the easy one. The three or four-leaf clover pattern from "The Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito."

I had some Majestic 80 left over on a shuttle so I thought I would use it up doing a bit of warm-up test tatting.

[cue mumbled curses, teeth-gnashing and the sound of thread repeatedly snapping under tension]

Two full hours of frustrated attempts led to what you see below. (Had to keep putting it down and walking away.) But I want tiny, delicate shamrocks.

Tomorrow I will try again with Star tatting cotton in size 70. It has a more firm hand and hopefully won't snap so easily as the softer, but more lustrous Majestic.

Besides T.I.A.S. I have been working on an edging tatted in Tatskool's Bracken Crunch size 40. I love the way the lime transforms into antique gold and the gold into rusty red, back to gold and full circle to lime. It really has enlivened and enriched the dull, grey days.

I have Been Bad
Copping a phrase from Fox, I have a confession to make. I have been in touch with Tatskool, Krystledawne, Yarnplayer, Lady Shuttlemaker and LaceySusan. In an attempt to hide the evidence soften the blow I won't be posting the HDT purchases until later in the week.

All Good Things Come in Threes
Just look at my three new tatting books! I tried to camophlage them with other goodies, including a fancy bone china teacup, saucer and third plate, plus bobbin holders and new Lizbeth thread.

Tatskool, were you distracted by the cup? Jane, did you see your tatting bag? Krystle, did you notice Dr. Von Threadmore's handiwork? Wanda, see how your butterfly marks my place?

Honestly, I have been blessed by the generosity and friendship of you all. And so many more.

My copy of Tatting Patterns by Lyn Morton sprouted (unintentional pun) legs and scampered off, so I needed to replace it.

The Japanese book was purely an impulse buy.

The prize of the buying spree was the French tatting book! I dropped $34.00 on this precious jewel. And I try never to spend that much on a tatting book.

My French is very rusty, but the author prefaces her work by writing:
Savez-vous que le monde minéral peut être source d'inspiration pour les dentellières?

The author uses crystaline mineral sructures as the inspiration for her lace — things like snow, sugar, salt, mineral metals and gemstones  Flipping through the pages was like being gifted with sapphires, rubies, celestine, amethyst, agate, petalite, tourmaline...

It gives new meaning to tatting bling, eh?

And there's more! Come back on Friday for HDT madness.

Wishing you all blissful me time to create something beautiful.

See you next Tuesday for more communi-tea!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Oh, what fun! I want to come over and play!

Gina said...

Great job stimulating the economy! Nice stash you're building there.

Tatting the clovers...I find I really have to use a light hand in tension when tatting dimpled rings. There's a little extra resistance when you go to close the ring and it seems to help to tat less tightly. I don't know if you tat tightly or not. I don't think I do to begin with, but it helps when I lighten up. [in many areas :-)]

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Good Morning IsDihara, Congratulations on winning the postcard from Bonnie. It looks like she painted on teh fabric, very nice!! I am behind on reading blogs, so I missed seeing the giveaway. I'm so glad you liked the teapot card. I need to make one for myself. I love the color I used in that teapot, Wildflower by Lizbeth. It is my new favorite color!!

The picture with the colorul shuttles has a lovely rose and green edging, what book is that in? The edging is very pretty.

Oh my and all the tatting goodies in the next photo, book, HDT, Lizbeth & Jane's tatting bag. I have one of her bags too!!

Oh my a French tatting book. What a find! I'll be back to see what madness you have planned for Friday.

Happy Tatting,


IsDihara said...

Diane, come on over anytime! I'll put the kettle on. *grins*

Gina, you're right! I am doing my part to stimulate the economy. All this "stimulus" is really making me want a cabinet to store everything in.

Carol, so glad you love your tatting bag as much as I love mine. They're just the right size, don't you agree?

Watch for another quick post today so I can answer your question about the edging pattern.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Blog. I loved reading every second of it. Happy Day!

Tatskool said...

Yup the teacup did distract me...it's gorgeous. I have just bought Tatted Artistry so it was interesting to see that motif.
You tat beautifully, thanks or the promo!

IsDihara said...

So glad you like it, Rayanna. Your comment really brightened my day.

Tatskool, can't wait until you take Tatted Artistry for a test run. It's such a treasure of a book and whatever you make will be stunning!