Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shamrock Success & Edging Pattern

Call me a glutton for punishment or just plain stubborn (both would be accurate).

Instead of starting over with Star tatting cotton I gave the Majestic another go.

This time I focused on tatting loosely. It was a challenge as I have always been a tight tatter. But Gina's advice paid off when the fourth dimpled ring closed slowly, but smoothly the first time. Thanks, Gina!

Carol Lawecki asked me for the edging pattern. D'oh! It is available on the InTatters group under the Knots - Tatting Links tab. The file is called Beeton Edge. If the link doesn't take you directly to the page you may need to register to access the Knots folder.

Grab a tasty beverage and go browse through the collection of interesting motifs. ツ


Tatskool said...

That's such a pretty pattern, you have brought my thread to life, thanks.

IsDihara said...

I think your lovely thread brought life to the pattern, so maybe it is a bit of both. ツ

Michelle said...

That's lovely edging and you definitely picked the right thread to use with it. Lovely.

Thanks for providing a link to the pattern, I'll have a go at it myself.

Gina said...

Yay! Success with the shamrock!!!

Typstatting said...

Persistence pays off and the shamrock looks really great. And I love the edging and the coloured thread.

Fox said...

That shamrock ROCKS!! Love the pattern. The HDT is beautiful, too.

I have some of that Majestic green - actually used it on a similar hankie edging. It was murder to work with.
Nice work!
Fox : )

Vanessa said...

Your shamrock looks so cute!

sewmuchfun4 said...

Great job on the shamrock! Maybe it's just because Valentines is looming and I'm seeing hearts everywhere, but wouldn't those little leaves make sweet hearts? In red, the shamrock could become "lucky in love hearts".

The edging is BEAUTIFUL! I love the color thread you chose and think you did a wonderful job tatting it!

:) Ann